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Att. Waldemar Haak speaks English rather fluently. Please feel free to call: 0049-221-43075661.

Mr. Haak is also "Fachanwalt für Familienrecht", i.e. an officially acknowledged specialist für family law.

Relevant to you might be:

- divorces in Germany applying German or international divorce laws
- child custody, child support
- problems with German authorities
- car accidents
- criminal law
- civil law suits
- social law

Lawyer´s fees in Germany are set by the law, which is the Rechtsanwaltsvergütungsgesetz (RVG). In some cases the laywer will insist on a fee agreement, though. Without an agreement the laywer may always bill you the fees as stated by the RVG. From Juli
2006 on fees for consulting has generally to be agreed upon.